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Phoenix in Flux: AIGA’s PHX Design Week

The project Method + Madness. On a surface level, the words are polar opposites, but combined, they spark creativity and ingenuity. It’s the lifeblood of the design community. We thrive on this chaotic harmony to produce ideas with impact. It’s only fitting that Method + Madness is the title of Phoenix Design Week. To show our appreciation to...


Ezra Arthur – Take a timeless brand, make it modern

Bison Made is now Ezra Arthur. The hand-crafted, American leather goods manufacturer is reimagining their brand, and we were thrilled to be blazing a new trail alongside this heritage company. Ezra Arthur is a family business – run by four honest, hard-working and passionate brothers. The products they make behold the all-American ideals this country was built on...


We throw everything at the brand, for the brand

Kitchen Sink Studios has truly come a long way, baby. With little more than a clear vision and boundless drive, we set out to make something meaningful. Looking back, we are extremely proud of how our business has grown. That’s not to say we’ve forgotten our roots or our humble beginnings. It’s been 17 years since Nick and...


Kitchen Sink at the 2016 National ADDYs

This week some of our staff drove to Anaheim, California, for the 2016 National American Advertising Awards. We were honored to receive a Silver ADDY in the film category of Elements of Advertising for cinematography. Receiving news this wonderful sends a wild stream of emotions roaring across our soul. Obviously, we were elated to be recognized among some...


Kelsey Dake, A Phoenix Based Illustrator Who Draws For a Living

Who is Kelsey Dake? Of course, I am Kelsey Dake. I tell people that I draw for a living. I draw because it’s a natural progression for me. It’s my own and apart of me. I like having my own perspective and identity because I get to be in charge of my destiny and the content I produce....


Campsite Studio Owner, Designer, Artist Max Ritt

Max Ritt is a designer and the owner of Campsite, a studio and design blog based in New York. Campsite provides intuitive, minimalist design solutions for branding through web and print mediums. Their philosophy is simple: “It’s never too late to make something better. Working tirelessly to distill down ideas and goals to deliver a final product, which...


Artist Gennaro Garcia Draws Inspiration From Family Values, Mexican Heritage

Gennaro Garcia is a 2016 Masters of the Southwest award winner, artist and designer. His art is making waves globally with more than 10 galleries in the United States and two in Mexico. Garcia’s art spans many mediums and form from murals, sculptures, graphic design and traditional painting. The essence of his work is imbued with his life experiences and his...