Artist Gennaro Garcia Draws Inspiration From Family Values, Mexican Heritage

Gennaro Garcia is a 2016 Masters of the Southwest award winner, artist and designer. His art is making waves globally with more than 10 galleries in the United States and two in Mexico. Garcia’s art spans many mediums and form from murals, sculptures, graphic design and traditional painting. The essence of his work is imbued with his life experiences and his journey from Mexico, where his roots are, to Phoenix, Arizona.


KSS: Who is Gennaro Garcia?

GS: Gennaro Garcia is an artist. I love art and have been creating art since I was about six years old. I live for art and have the necessity of be creating all the time. Everything I create is to make my daughter proud, I want her to grow to be creative as possible

KSS: How did you get started as muralist?

GS: Well, I grew up in Mexico as a kid, and my family didn’t have a lot of money. We owned a restaurant, so we were constantly working hard every day. I was forced to be creative. I had to be resourceful and figure things out. As I got older I went to school for graphic design, but realized it wasn’t for me. From there, I left and went to the United States. I was scared at the time, because I was undocumented and homeless. I slept on the ground for a while. I had to build myself from the ground up. I’ve never forgotten about that person, and I constantly remind myself of him every day. At that time I created my first mural in US . Inside a Mexican restaurant in Yuma AZ and then move to Phoenix and started working as a muralist for old Pratt studios in North Scottsdale. The rest is history

KSS: When did you start painting?

GS: I started painting at the age of six. I always knew I had a gift and knew exactly what I

wanted to do as a kid. A lot of my inspiration came from my childhood, where my father taught me how to create wood carvings at our family restaurant, which we worked extremely hard for. It was all we had at the time.

KSS: What does design mean to you?

GS: Design means everything. It means inspiration. Everything comes from design, which makes its fabulous. Without it, we have nothing.

KSS: What does a brand mean to you?

GS: A brand is important. As an artist it’s a necessity. It’s what represents you or your business and what you stand for in the world.

KSS: What’s one quote that you live by and why?

GS: “Live for what you love to do. Once you become who you are. The rest will follow.”

KSS: What was your proudest moment and why?

GS: When I was younger, I sold my first painting for $25. At a recent art, show my daughter created a piece of art that sold for about $300. Seeing my daughter follow in my footsteps has definitely been a testament and a surreal moment in my life.

KSS: Why are you industry leader?

GS: I push myself to the limit. I’m my biggest fan. You have to believe in your artistry. There are lots of sculptors, designers and painters, however it’s your skill that makes you stand apart from the rest. I’ve learned from the best like Mia Pratt, former president and owner of Old Pratt Studio—a Phoenix firm specializing in wall finishes and murals. I’ve learned that being a leader in the industry takes 50 percent painting and 50 percent business sense. After that it’s about staying and being the best.