Kitchen Sink at the 2016 National ADDYs

This week some of our staff drove to Anaheim, California, for the 2016 National American Advertising Awards. We were honored to receive a Silver ADDY in the film category of Elements of Advertising for cinematography.

Receiving news this wonderful sends a wild stream of emotions roaring across our soul. Obviously, we were elated to be recognized among some of the best agencies in the world, but that kind of body-numbing joy comes with more complex feelings – feelings we’d like to recognize from our journey here.

There’s no warmer feeling than seeing so much talent in one place. To all the creatives present: You all made great things worthy of a standing ovation.

We are incredibly proud to be recognized alongside thousands of hard-working, gifted people. The Huxton film was singled out from a pool of more than 40,000 submissions sent in from all over the nation.

It’s such a pleasure to witness the reward of hard work. Long hours, late evenings, coming home drained of body and mind suddenly all become worth the effort. We feel validated for our work and for our clients’, who are toiling daily to make superior products.

Feeling the kinetic energy in that room, on that stage, is addictive in its euphoria. We’re more inspired than ever to push further to earn our way on that stage once more.

The American Advertising Federation uses these awards to honor the “creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising.” Advertising is an art. We have the power to influence opinions and turn the tides of public perception. Within that lies immense responsibility.

This week was an experience that left us simultaneously exhausted and energized. Thank you to our clients, friends and families for all your support along the way.