Kelsey Dake, A Phoenix Based Illustrator Who Draws For a Living

Who is Kelsey Dake?

Of course, I am Kelsey Dake. I tell people that I draw for a living. I draw because it’s a natural progression for me. It’s my own and apart of me. I like having my own perspective and identity because I get to be in charge of my destiny and the content I produce.


How did you get started as a designer? When did you realize you had a passion for designing?

Believe or not when I was little my parents put me in choir. I actually enjoyed it and felt in some way it contributed to my artistry and what I do today. From there I was always sketching and drawing as a kid. I was never the office type but I love connecting with people in the industry to get my illustrations out in the public. After design school at the Art Center College of Design in Pasenda, California I went to New York and later to Arizona.


What’s one quote that you live by?

“Don’t be a hero. Ask for help”, meaning have a can do attitude, apply your target to whatever  your goals are and continue making progress to be successful in life.


What has been one of the highlights of your career?

-Having my work featured in New York Times Magazine

-Illustration for Nike. It was a hand drawn illustration for the Nike Flyease collection


How are you an industry leader?

I make it a point to be involved in the community and to give back as much as I can. I am involved in the Phoenix Portfolio Review, Creatives Morning, and even my local neighborhood  and church meetings. I love meeting people and connecting to see how I can better serve the community.